Hello there! I’m Lingting, a 24+ year old living in sunny Singapore. By day, I’m a full-time lawyer working at a local law firm. Weeknights and weekends, though, you’ll be more likely than not to find me in the kitchen whipping up that perfect combination of flour butter eggs sugar in my trusty Kenwood mixer, hovering hawk-eyed over a pot of caramelizing sugar or frosting yet another layer cake, offset spatula in hand and piping bag on the ready.

I had the great privilege of growing up with a stay-at-home mum who has a terrific flair for cooking and baking, so I’ve never been far from the world of cooling racks and chiffon cakes, whisks and waffle irons, laminated dough and lattice-pie crusts. Waking up to the immensely comforting smell of freshly-baked bread; sitting down to daily afternoon teas with all manner of delectable home-made treats blanketing the table; being rewarded with the huge honour of licking the bowl/spatula/kitchen counter after a batch of brownies (Betty Crocker box-mix – there’s nothing quite like it) – these are the wonderful memories of childhood that stay with me.

It was only about 3 years back, though, that I started baking more seriously on my own, in the process discovering what an absolute joy it is. With recipes spilling out of my folders (both physical and virtual ones), some largely tweaked and modified, others followed almost to the T, as well as countless pictures and photographs filling up my hard drives, I figured it was time to enter the wonderful world of baking blogs, if only to have a little space of my own from which to share recipes and random musings on baking, and life.

Incidentally, life ain’t exactly all about baking; actually, a large part of my free time is spent at some church activity or other. Otherwise, I’m probably out pavement-pounding in my trusty vibram fivefingers, or staring googly-eyed at the latest addition to the family, my darling niece baby K.

But this blog will be mostly centred on food and baking. Though most of my bakes usually start off from a pre-existing recipe or a combination of a few, by the time I’m done tweaking and adjusting, it’ll likely have transformed into quite a different creature. I’ll include a link to the original source, though, and explain the changes I made where necessary. Photos taken aren’t of the best quality or skill either, but hope they’ll help in your enjoyment of the recipes! Lastly, I’d love to hear from you, especially if you try out any of the recipes posted, so do post a comment, or drop me an email [scrummmilicious@gmail.com] anytime(:

<3, lingting.


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